Am a learner in a certain university here in Belgium,but my problem is one of the cleverness student in my class challenges Us  with her high profile performance and she told my friend that she got magic powers from you MAMA MERCY, our principal tried to investigate the case and find no evidence of what we claim ,so i need you to help me if its true so that i can also be like her or even better than her,because my parents are poor ,i don't want to fail in my studies ,it will hurt them and stop funding me further. let me know what you say about it.

KLEIN student,

i have just managed to send  you $1200 with Western Union ,let me text MTCN  Code on your mobile, just for the gift of appreciation and i need to know the price you quoted me before so that i clear it at once even if  i payed a deposit,i wont count it.  My bank can not allow me to send much one time!

please am happy and i will come to see where your ancestors are to show them my happiness. thank you very much

Maria trumpth- from Uruguay,

I also thank God for your coming into my life because I would have been crippled by now with a strange disease which attacked both my legs with wounds . At first I thought it was either diabetes or high blood pressure but when I went to the doctors they told me that they were seeing nothing that’s when I saw your advert on the internet. At first I was just checking but now I know the truth and I trust you MAMA because you are real . I did everything you told me and took the herbs you gave me as prescribed and now I am feeling better and live.Thank you MAMA

Adam Karar Abudhabi,

Am the lady you helped in December -2008 who was crying for poverty and divorced from my husband, i hope you can remember me or not?  Doctor wallahi  since you helped me i have never turn back in poverty again , i  contacted you after being divorced from my husband  who left me when  i was  6 months pregnant  and i had to borrow $750  the price you asked me to send you.  When you  took long to finish the process i thought  you have scammed  me as the previous healers , but patiently waited until i saw unbelievable  miracle from you with amount of money from your spiritual ancestors came to me. since then  i have never suffered  again, and my husband come back to me  i can now feed  2 full masjid s in my area  food a day  which i never believe that i can  do it before . shukran  MAMA MERCY SHAMSI for that.

Mrs Khatooum sheik from Saud Arabia, khattoom23@yahoo.sa